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Voices from the Well, 2
   Portraits of Extraordinary Women

Rachel Carson, Georgia O'Keeffe, Marian Anderson, Margaret Sanger, Jeannette Rankin, Sarada Devi, Dat-So-La-Lee ... many more!

By Terre Ouwehand
Drama, 25 monologues
Art by Nina Warner
ISBN 978-0-9828910-3-2

Terre is a smart lady who writes about smart ladies.… She is part historian, part poet, and all talent.

Leslie Gangl Howe, actor

Ouwehand invokes the mystique of these amazing women, sometimes in prose, sometimes in poetry, but always to the heart of their characters.… Voices From the Well is a delight to read and must be an even greater delight to perform.

Laezer Schlomkowitz, director, actor

Ouwehand's monologues beg to be read in full voice into the bathroom mirror, to dinner guests, and on stages everywhere.

Ellen K. Anderson, playwright

  Voices from the Well 2

Quattro Forma

Poems by Lana Rose, Terre Ouwehand, J.E. Chesher,
and Alice Sharper
Poetry Anthology
Art by Nina Warner and Pamela Zwehl-Burke
ISBN 978-0-9828910-2-5

What a delight this collection is!  Yes, the four poets have varied voices and concerns, yet the book achieves a striking coherence.  Jim Chesher’s wry variations on philosophy accentuate Lana Rose’s pensive reflections on domestic life. Terre Ouwehand’s startling lines, by turns meditative and dramatic, complement Alice Sharper’s visionary intensity.  And all four share a yearning for the transcendent, which they seek not only through remarkable imagery but an uncanny ability to listen to the silence between words.

David Starkey, Santa Barbara Poet, Laureate Emeritus

  Quattro Forma Poetry Anthology

A Visit with Georgia O’Keeffe /
   Pivot of Power: Eleanor of Aquitaine

By Terre Ouwehand
Flip edition paperback
2 One-character plays
Art by Nina Warner
ISBN 978-0-982-8910-1-8

Actors of wisdom, grace and experience will stand up and cheer for these two one-woman shows and the roles that unfold within them… When Ouwehand turns her considerable powers as a writer to the stage we benefit from both her poetic ear and  intellectual rigor.

Ellen K. Anderson, playwright

In staccato rhythms that seem to hover somewhere between real speech and jazz fantasia, Georgia O’Keeffe and Eleanor of Aquitaine come alive in ways that draw on Ouwehand’s  deep knowledge  of her characters’ lives and her passion for making us care about the worlds they inhabited.

David Starkey, Santa Barbara Poet, Laureate Emeritus

  Georgia OKeeffe and Eleannor of Aquitaine

Writing Your Way to Wholeness

By Terre Ouwehand
Creative Writing (all genres, including essay and letters)
Art by Pamela Zwehl-Burke
ISBN 0-89390-312-4

For creative writers (including beginners), people in recovery, people seeking spiritual connections, and people who want to write themselves back into the universe!

Terre Ouwehand uses this material in her workshops:

Exposure to and practice in the different writing forms was valuable, as were the glimpses into early childhood and current relationships.  The premise that all of us are naturally creative was helpful and freeing.

Workshop Participant
  Writing Your Way to Wholeness

Singing at the Center

By Terre Ouwehand
Art by Pamela Zwehl-Burke
ISBN 978-0-9828910-0-1

Includes The Divorce Museum: A Child’s Perspective
performed by DramaDogs at Center Stage Theater, Santa Barbara

Her work is vibrant with reverence for all life, her language full of anguish at times, ecstasy at others.

Perie Longo, Santa Barbara Poet Laureate Emerita

Singing at the Center captures religious metaphors of our ancient traditions and expands them to take on new meaning in our contemporary life.

The Reverend Nicole S. Janelle

  Singing at the Center

The Debris of the Encounter

By Terre Ouwehand
ISBN 0-89390-137-7

Undergoing psychotherapeutic exploration and beginning to meditate, Terre Ouwehand experienced what psychologists call “eidetic imagery” and what mystics call “inner visions”…

No one who seeks a concrete experience of the God-Self within will fail to be moved by these vivid, mystical, and eloquent encounters with the universal life force.

Leslie Flanders Carson, actor, writer, teacher

  The Debris of the Encounter

The first two volumes of Jinny Webber’s Shakespeare’s Actor Trilogy are available through Old Hand Press. These books give a backstage view of the resplendent world of Elizabethan theatre and tumultuous politics. For more information, see www.jinnywebber.com


The Secret Player

Vol. 1 — The Secret Player: Alexander Cooke, known as Sander, becomes a favorite performer of women's roles on the London stage, where only males are allowed to act. A dangerous secret: Sander was born female, at risk of flogging or even death if her identity is discovered.

A fascinating look into Elizabethan England through the stage door of Shakespeare's world of theater. The characters are vividly portrayed, especially the young Sander who yearns to break out of the constraints put upon her by the society of her day and age.

Gary Albright, Albright Graphic Productions

Dark Venus

Vol. 2 — Dark Venus: Alexander (Sander) Cooke, protagonist of The Secret Player, befriends Amelia Bassano Lanyer, the presumed Dark Lady of Shakespeare's sonnets. Two strong women make their way against the odds.

A terrific read. It’s anchored in history and scholarship, very steamy in parts, lots of dialogue, feminist in orientation with credible characters well observed and well drawn.

Fred Hunter, author of Abe and Molly: The Courtship of Mary Todd

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  The Secret Player by Jinny Webber Dark Venus by Jinny Webber


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